About the Creators


Collins, Co-Writer/Lead Onscreen Expert (“The Doula”), Katy Collins is a doula/performer based in Chicago.    She works as a labor and postpartum doula through Birthways, Inc.  She is a certified doula through the organization To Labor, had volunteered with Chicago Volunteer Doulas (4 years), and has attended over fifty births. She has performed in Chicago with Second City, Steppenwolf, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, The Goodman, Sideshow Theater (artistic associate), and The Backroom Shakespeare Project (stakeholder).  Katy won a Jeff award for best ensemble in the play Idomenus in 2012.  She is a nerd clown cheerleader for the thirty piece circus punk marching band Mucca Pazza.  She is the founder of Movieoke, a karaoke experience for movie scenes.  The event has been on the ‘Best Things’ Lists in Time Out Magazine and Thrillist for the past four years.

Lizi Breit (Art Direction, Animation) is a Chicago-based artist working across illustration, animation, sculpture and performance. Her internet self lives at www.lizibreit.com.

Maren Celest (Sound Design) is a multidisciplinary storyteller from Northern Michigan, now based in Chicago. She performs with Manual Cinema all over the world, triggering live foley, singing, playing clarinet and narrating. Maren is a musician, filmmaker, videographer/photographer and illustrator and you can see & hear some of her work at www.marencelest.com.

Sarah Fornace
(Director, Editor, Producer) is a director, puppeteer, choreographer, and narrative designer based in Chicago.  She is a co-Artistic Director of Manual Cinema, a performance collective, design studio, and film/ video production company founded in 2010. Manual Cinema combines handmade shadow puppetry, cinematic techniques, and innovative sound and music to create immersive visual stories for stage and screen. Sarah’s work with Manual Cinema has been seen in China, Iran, Belgium, the Netherlands, Scotland, Australia, Mexico and across the United States. Outside of Manual Cinema, Sarah has recently written story mode text for the video game Rivals of Aether. She also recently directed and devised an “animotion” production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet with Rokoko Studios for HamletScen at Kromborg Castle in Elsinore, Denmark.

(DP) is a visual artist and filmmaker living in Chicago. Her work focuses on the daily lives of women and the preservation of their narratives. She has exhibited locally and internationally at venues including the Comfort Station, FilmFront, Neu West Berlin, and La Centrale Galerie Power House. Jillianhlewis.com.

Julia VanArsdale Miller
(Director, Editor, Producer) is a director, puppeteer, and graphic designer based in Chicago, IL. She is one of the founders and Co-Artistic Directors of Manual Cinema, a cinematic shadow puppet company founded in 2010. With Manual Cinema she is a performer and puppet designer as well as director of several shows including Mementos Mori and End of TV.  Julia has created videos for The New York Times, StoryCorps, Third Coast Audio Festival, Curious City, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Chicago History Museum. www.thejuliamiller.com.

Erin Turney
(Live Sound Recording) is a documentary filmmaker based in Chicago. She is devoted to using her art to help educate the viewer on global topics, and to showcase communities through the perspective of the people within those communities. See her work at www.erinturney.com.

(Theme Song) is an experiment in voice and sound by Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart. They joined forces in 2014, inspired by the free improvisational music scene in Chicago and influenced by avant-garde rock. Their combined vocal and musical talents yield an incredible dichotomy of harmony and chaos that leaves the audience wanting more. OHMME has been compared to PJ Harvey, Nirvana, and Kate Bush, but their innate chemistry creates something uniquely satisfying and wholly different from their predecessors. www.ohmmemusic.com.


The Doula is IN was made possible by a grant from the Chicago Digital Media Production Fund, a project of Voqal administered by Chicago Filmmakers.