Learn more about being a doula through the organizations Katy trained & works with:

 To Labor // *Katy is certified with this organization
Birthways, Inc. Chicago 

Chicago Volunteer Doulas 
Doula Match 

Learn more about women parts & babies:

Boston Women’s Health Collective
Chicago Women’s Health Center
Planned Parenthood
Kelly Mom
Spinning Babies

Learn more facts about childbirth in the world:

 World Health Organization
Cochrane Reports
Childbirth Collective
Evidence Based Birth

 Organizations that are trying to make birth better in the US:

Planned Parenthood Action Fund
National Women’s Health Network
Advocations for Pregnant Women
Sister Song Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective
National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health


Books Katy Read to know so much:

Pushed By Jennifer Block
Our Bodies, Our Selves By: Boston Health Collective
The Birth of the Pill By: Jonathan Eig
Redisovering Birth By: Sheila Kitzinger
Spiriutal Midwifery By: Ina May Gaskin
Mindful Birthing By: Nancy Bardacke
Expecting Better By: Emily Oster
The Birth Partner By: Penny Simkim
The Nursing Mothers Companion By: Kathleen Huggins
The Happiest Baby on the Block By: Harvey Karp

Great Ted Talks about Birth to Watch:

Ina May Gaskin: Reducing Fear of Birth in U.S.

Miriam Zoila Perez: How Racism Harms Pregnant Women

And Katy’s Guilty Pleasure is watching Isabella Rossellini explain how animals have sex:

Green Porno